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Eighth Bookout

This week we had Basic Assault Course. Basically we were to run down a distance of 25 meters and kick or rifle butt various targets along the way. Oh, we had to yell agressively also.

With Games Day and other competitions coming up, we are busy with preparation. Personally, I’m taking part in the Drill Competition. We haven’t had much practice, and the competition day draws close. I’m a bit worried. I hope we don’t go home empty handed; lest our effort go to waste. I’m looking forward to getting a day off.

On Friday we went to visit the Singapore Discovery Center as part of National Education. Everybody was happy to be able to book out early on Friday noon. The guide some was retired Lieutenant-Colonel. He harped on the evils of regional politicians at that time. Meh.

Some of us went to Jurong Point for an early dinner. I don’t know how we ended up at Banquet, but it was terrible. I ordered a 6.40 Tempura Udon which was crappily done. Soup tasted like crap, noodles were too little, and the tempura batter sucked. I will never eat there again. (Damn you Kirk, you should have brought us upstairs to the other food court.)

In the evening I went out with my family to eat at Bishan. We also went to watch this movie called The Kingdom. The plot? Americans versus terrorists. Such a predictable theme for our times.

Two more weeks to POP!!

Seventh Bookout

Last Monday to Wednesday, we had Situational Test. They split us up from all the platoons into different details. I was assigned as 2IC and Navigator of my detail. I did all right for the missions, but navigation was a disaster.  The external assessors were NSmen officers doing their reservist training.

Assessor 1: Eh Navigator, you sure you know where you going or not?

Me: Yes, Sir.

Assessor 1: Eh you sound confident, but I dunno leh…

Assessor 2: Eh Navigator, you better not let us get lost, or I’m going to *&^% your ass! Hahahahha!

Me: ……… Yes, Sir.

I think the whole idea is to test one’s stress tolerance. But I don’t know. Somehow I think I didn’t do super well. Passable, but not fantastic.

In any case, it was miraculous that we made it through with minimal sniper drills and absolutely no artillery drills at all. We didn’t get that much tekan during the outfield also. I’m finally glad there’s no more outfield. I hate outfield. Everything in outfield is dirty. You can wash your hands but they will get dirty the next second later.

Nevertheless, the clouds seem to be clearing up.

Sixth Bookout

It was relatively slack. Quite an unmemorable week if you ask me. In fact, I can only remember what I did on the weekend.

I went to eat with my section guys after booking out on Saturday afternoon. I went to Mass at IHM with my parents, as usual.

I attended Curia on Sunday. The officers’ meeting after that dragged so long that I was almost late for book-in. Bah.

Fifth Bookout

Field Camp ended on Thursday, and we were all more than happy to book out on Friday.

It was a great test for me. The last time I slept in the jungle was during the Gunung Tahan expedition. I can’t say I enjoyed the Field Camp very much. Light discipline, noise discipline, trash discipline, and the like; extremely uncomfortable. Squeezing overpacked ziplock bags with dirty uniforms into a muddy field pack in total darkness frustrated me greatly. It was a dangerous balance between imploring for divine help and resisting the temptation to curse God. Nonetheless, invoking “Jesus, Mary, Joseph” continually helped greatly. I don’t know how people get through all this without praying.

There was one time where I was lying in the shellscrape, looking at the stars while saying my rosary. I dozed off only after one decade. I suddenly awakened and wondered if an artillery strike orchestrated by instructors was imminent.

“Shit! Where the hell are my beads?!” I felt for my rosary beads beneath the mud. Thank God I managed to find them.

I went for Legion meeting on Saturday. Everything was in good order. That leaves me at ease. I went to Novena in the afternoon, attending the two o clock English Novena and the three o clock Mandarin Novena. One lady was nice enough to share the booklet with me.

I walked around Novena Square for a while. Ran into Sean, one of the posted out OOTs, at the bus stop. I decided to go shopping for my hat at Marina Square. The prices were quite steep. I’m not sure if I should continue this. Is this a need or a want? Discern, Ian Finian.

Attended Mass with my parents at IHM. It was Dad’s birthday, so we went to eat at this Teochew Restaurant in Lower Delta. The food was great. I know why Dad likes that place now.

The feeling before booking in sucks. This is the second time I’m feeling this. There’s always the next bookout to look forward to, but I’m in for an impending confinement because of my crappy IPPT results. I need to work harder to save my sanity.

Yes, now I have something to work towards. ^_^

Lord keep my family safe while I am away. Amen.


Most Sacred Heart of Jesus, have mercy on us

Immaculate Heart of Mary, pray for us

Our Lady of Mount Carmel, pray for us

Stella Matutina, ora pro nobis

Our Lady of Perpetual Succor, pray for us

St Michael the Archangel, pray for us

St Jude, pray for us

St Benedict, pray for us

St Dominic, pray for us

St Anthony, pray for us