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Ut unum sint!

The day of confronatation finally arrived. Last Tuesday, the English Police had a discussion amongst ourselves on how to deal with a certain member’s mistakes. He was willing to take half the penalty we had in mind. Personally, I don’t care. As long as you learn your lesson, I am willing to overlook your crime and even let you off. As for the others, I cannot say the same.

It’s so hard, trying to balance Justice with Mercy. I wish things didn’t have to come to this.

This was another busy week, with the preparations for Open House. We had band performance at the atrium on Thursday, Friday and Saturday. Moving the instruments from one end of the school to another was a real killer. The actual performance wasn’t too bad, but I could have done better. Never mind, there will be more to come soon. The crowd was quite large, I hope they liked our music.

I realise that the band is quite political, based on what I heard from my section people. Of course there’s other happenings, but I shall not talk about them. I’d like to protect myself, thank you very much. But it’s like, we can play music in harmony but not live in harmony? Such irony.

Whatever man, I’ll do my best to play my music, and you go play yours.

If you see my MSN handle, it mentions “Week of Prayer for Christian Unity (18 January 2005 to 25 January 2005)”

As such, we are to pray for Christian Unity. The division within Christianity is a grave scandal. Do you see how the outsiders continue to mock our faith? How long shall we let this continue?

There has been much dialogue going on with the Mainstream Protestant groups and the Orthodox Church. Unfortunately, all this is being undermined by the Fundamentalist sect that are mushrooming all around the world. Ecumenism is slowing down.

A few weeks ago Christopher, Clement and I were approached by a man from a certain sect. He wanted to share Christ with Clement, so we left the man to his own devices. Basically from what Clement said, the man was insinuating that Clement would be burning in hell if he did not believe.

He also said something about Christopher being, “Your friend is walking with Christ.” He said something about me too; being, “Your friend is also walking with Christ, but I’d go with Christopher if I were you.” So this guy started talking about our usage of crucifixes, saying that it was a disrespect to Jesus and made him look bad.

Foolish man! Don’t you know that the Lutherans and the Anglicans use crucifixes too? Christopher said that his church had one. He’s Lutheran by the way. Needless to say, Clement was extremely put off by the entire conversation. Sigh, it’s harder for us to make him change his mind now.

The Fundamentalists claim to focus on Holy Scripture so much that they have neglected Church History and the teachings of the Church Fathers. Other sects emphasise the gift of tongues, which is not necessarily a bad thing. The evilness comes in when they insist that if you don’t have it, you are damned!

Fundamentalism has given people a very bad impression of Christianity, but that’s not the worst part. The bad example which we give also contributes to the problem. It is obvious that people will think badly of Christianity if we continue to lie, cheat and steal. Why do we continue to backstab despite having Christ as Saviour?

It’s sad that we are being called hypocrites, cultists and conmen. If we do not change our ways, we will be judged. Repent! The kingdom of God is at hand!

Ut unum sint! That they may be one!

a test of time

Whew! These days have been full of work and other activities. I seriously have to manage my time better. I was so caught up with my Legion stuff over the weekend that I didn’t have much time to study. No, a better reason is that I chose not to study earlier. Now I’m going to fail Monday’s Immunology paper even though so many hints were given. This always happens, being the procastinating fool that I am. I hope it will be better for tomorrow.

I met this guy Jonathan on Saturday. He’s from the English Legion. Interesting fellow. I took him for meeting at Maris Stella. Attendance was crappy but never mind.. We went for lunch at Toa Payoh after that. He left for evening Mass and I went down to Millenia Walk to meet the Curia people for their officers meeting.

My discussion with Jonathan was interesting, and it really got me thinking. So here is a question to you Catholics out there: Have you ever attended a Latin Mass before?

Shocking it may be, all the Masses were in Latin last time! And the priest said Mass facing the crucifx, not facing the people. Even the arrangement and design of the altar was different!

I still think the Mass we have today is valid, but not as glorious as the original one. I would like to hear a Latin Mass one day. SSPX has them, but I don’t want to be a schismatic. I’ll just have to make the most out of the one we have now, better than nothing. The driest, most boring weekday Mass is ten times better than any Charismatic service. At least I know He is truly with us.

(Dear readers, if you didn’t understand any of the terms above, then Cathecism class was a waste of time for you. But don’t fret, they didn’t teach me any of those either.)

We had Curia on Sunday. Attendance improved greatly. We had another series of long meetings after that, being the 2005’s evaluation and the recruitment committee discussion. A lot of ideas were raised, so let’s hope there will be a successful one.

Argh, I still have many uncompleted projects that are due soon. There was great tension within the English Police during the completion of the Bioprocess report. And to think that all this could be prevented if we had done our work earlier. Sheesh, when will we ever learn?

Will I manage my time better?
Will Legion withstand the test of time?
Will the Church withstand the test of time?
Will the English Police withstand the test of time?

Happy New Year 2006

this must be it
welcome to the new year
the drinks were consumed
the plants were destroyed and the hor’deurves dismantled
i’m not smiling behind this fake veneer
i am often interrupted or completely ignored
but most of all i’m bored
i’m trying to find out if my words have any meaning
lackluster and full of contempts when it always ends the same
why won’t you listen to me
why did i come
oh why did i come here
these humans all suck
i’d rather be home feeling violent and lonely
i’m not trying to sound so insincere
but the postcard that’s taped to the freezer reads “wish you were here”
how i wish i could disappear
i’m trying to find out if my words have any meaning
lackluster and full of contempts and it always ends the same
heads up
damage control
there’s a ring around her finger
last chance for changing lanes and you missed it by a mile
why won’t you listen to me
this must be it
welcome to the new year

Motion City Soundtrack – Together We’ll Ring In The New Year

A review of 2005

1 January 2006, Mary – Mother of God

This ‘study break’ was the last week of the year. Ironically, I did not study at all. It was a mix of catching up on projects, practical reports and late nights spent playing games.

I had dinner with Daryl Chng and Donna on Wednesday. We went to Fish and Co at the Glass House. The Glass House is opposite Plaza Singapura. We had to wait for half and hour, and while we were in the queue, it started raining! Horrible weather! We managed to get a table upstairs. Daryl was engrossed in watching the live band play their music. It was a good meal, with excellent fellowship and music. As usual I was asked to lead in saying Grace (Why does it always have to be me? Don’t know how to say your own? Lol.)

It was good to catch up on times with them after so long. The three of us go back a long way. We walked down to Heeren after dinner and landed up at HMV. The two of them bought a CD each, but I decided not to get anything. I’m on a budget.

But all good things come to an end, and we went our separate ways. Donna took the bus back while Daryl and I returned by train.

Oh, I was in school in the afternoon. We English Police were busy with our MolGen project. It’s almost done, and I think we did a good job. Arden however, was extremely distracted with Allison. Dian Yan and Josephine were there as well. Well, well.

I had the ‘privilege’ of accompanying the two couples to Ang Mo Kio to kill time. Clement and Christopher went their own way. I would not have chosen to play gooseberry, if Josephine did not drag me along. We went to some comics shop (Tenchi Comics?) to take a look. The selection was huge, and I even managed to locate the Rozen Maiden manga.

I felt extremely uncomfortable throughout the whole ‘excursion’. Why do I always have to be the ‘lamppost’ or ‘lightbulb’? The last time this happened was during a CL EXCO outing. I remember how I offered to leave Iggy and Helly alone. Ah yes, Arden was trying to shake us off like a….I shall not embarrass him further with any more details, right Arden? ^_^

But I continued to ask God, “Why me? Why am I still alone?”

Thou, who wouldst give no sign, deliver me.

– Stanza 6, Apologist’s Evening Prayer, C.S Lewis

Fast forwarding to Friday, the Chinese Junior Curia had their Year end Thanksgiving Mass at St Anne’s Church. The celebrant was Father Henry Siew. Initially I was asked to stand by my boys as altar servers. But Father said there was no need, as he was using the liturgy set for outside Masses. I was looking forward to serving Mass, even though I don’t really know how and was quite anxious.

But it was all right. Nicholas didn’t know how to serve Mass and Eric didn’t come for the event anyway. Eric didn’t even come for our weekly meeting before that. Nicholas had to go to the trouble of arranging the venue, and the parish office people were giving a lot of bureaucratic trouble. Fortunately things got easier when we invoked Father Henry’s name. See? Things are easy when you know the right people.

The Mass all right, with a few mishaps involving music and the powerpoint slides. The attendance was pitiful as usual. The old boys who promised to come never did, and I was quite disappointed. I hope 2006’s attendance for curia activities will improve.

I saw Nigel again after his prolonged absence. I was trying to persuade him to come back more often for Legion. But he remarked, “The fire is dying.” I also saw Selene, after such a long time.

I went for a drink with Joshua at Jalan Kayu after the whole event. We went to the usual place. I must congratulate him; his progress with women is improving greatly. And he even managed to locate a devout Catholic girl who speaks good English. Excellent.

In the mean time I continue to pray for myself, and other friends who were not so lucky in their relationships. May you find a better chance in 2006.

Saturday was a busy day. I went shopping for new shoes with Joshua. We went to Queensway. Crappy weather with raining cats and dogs. I managed to find a pair of $49 Adidas canvas shoes after so long. Goodness! Why are good shoes so expensive? What the hell do poor people wear man?! Is it not possible to find a pair of cheap and good shoes?

I went to Uncle Daniel’s place for dinner with my parents. He is a family friend of many years. I think I had too much to drink. It was also the first time I saw my dad get drunk. He was totally wasted!

I think I drank:

1 bottle of Hoegarden

1 glass of Rosé

3 cups of absolut vanilla and sprite

2 mouthfuls of 2 different champagnes

2 cups of chivas and coke

I threw up after the absolut, but I think it was because I was too bloated with the additional water and sprite. I tried to follow the advice of drinking an equal amount of water to dilute the alcohol, but I think it is a bad idea now.

There was this Uncle and this journalist guy who kept egging me on to drink. Hmm, the Chivas and the coke had a nice smell. The two guys were arguing over the amount of liquor to add. I let them be, since I was quite wasted already. My Mother had to drive us home since she was the only one who did not drink. And for the first time this week, I actually slept earlier than 4 am.

I went for 11 am Mass with my parents and we had lunch at Ang Mo Kio.

As for me, I will continue writing this story of life on paper of Faith, ink of Hope, and the pen of Charity. Happy New Year to all readers, may God continue to help you!

Mary, lead us into the glorious future where we will meet your Son.

Come, Lord Jesus!


Most Sacred Heart of Jesus, have mercy on us

Immaculate Heart of Mary, pray for us

Our Lady of Mount Carmel, pray for us

Stella Matutina, ora pro nobis

Our Lady of Perpetual Succor, pray for us

St Michael the Archangel, pray for us

St Jude, pray for us

St Benedict, pray for us

St Dominic, pray for us

St Anthony, pray for us