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Came home at 3 something pm. Yesterday I went to sleep at 345pm. Alarm clock ran at 4.15pm. Went back to sleep. Woke up at 7pm. I thought it was the next day. I thought I was late for school. But then I remembered that school starts at 1pm, and it was still Wednesday. Went back to sleep. Woke up at 8pm. Ate dinner, did homework. Did my IMB project on gene therapy. Slept at 2 am. Had a very strange dream. Someone from my class kapo-ed my organiser, so I snatched it back from him. I slapped his face twice with it. He complains to the tutor then the tutor send me to see some director, who has a moustache, wears glasses, and looks like a gay. The director asks me to follow him, and I actually have to run after him. He runs into the lift and the door closes. And his office is in where? The other end of Singapore?! So I make my way there. He gives me suspension, forces me to drop one of my modules by the end of the day, wants me to write a statement, and demands to see my parents. Wah piang eh, I have got to sleep earlier….These late nights are screwing my head… Sian later got maths test…haiz..


Wah! Not bad. Yesterday kao peh kao bu about having no time to do stuff ,and here I am blogging. Basket, today supposed to hand in inorganic practical, I go and take the whole afternoon of yesterday to do the physical practical report. =P Didn’t even finish it anyway. So I rushed through inorganic at night. Luckily there’s little to be done. Then there’s the IMB project on Gene Therapy. Grief…all of topics they had to give us that one…So many things to cover…Damn. Let’s came home at 3 like that? Slacked a bit…did Comm skills homework, finished off the Japanese homework that was supposed to be handed in today. Then continued the report for physical chem practical. Went for drum lessons at 7. Wah today very song… I’m finally getting the hand of it… Yay… I go sleep now.


Ok, blogging time. This week got a lot of homework ah. Practical reports ah…tutorials ah….siansation.. I don’t know what they are teaching for Physical Chemistry. Thermochemistry? I’m having a hard time with that. Today I took the whole day to try the tutorial, but I didn’t even complete it. They started teaching Trigonometry…. The spectre of maths has returned to haunt me…I hope that I can exorcise this ghost quickly, just like I miraculously did for E-maths. Hmm the guy from band still hasn’t called me for theory lessons…No news from PAL either, but I think they are going to deploy us for some concert. Pan Wei Bo and the other guy is coming to NYP. Yay, cca points for me.Ah, I have to be a usherer at graduation night. Yay, cca points for me. Joshua came today to do his survey for err….GP I think. Something about handphones. Speaking about handphones! I changed mine today. Got a 6220. I like it! Ok, I go type my practical report then go sleep. Ah, I’ve been debating on the net in the past few days. Take a look below. The link is there.


Whoa. Haven’t blogged in ages… Let me see what happened…. Very busy nowadays. Lots and lots of homework…. 3 damn laboratory reports to type per week! And all the projects are coming into my life… Wah lan eh… Hmmm my class is a bunch of nice and funny people.. hope to know them good. Today school finished at 1.50pm. Went to St Michael’s to plan August’s legion retreat with Michael, Gillian and Prisca… Came home at 9 PM. Wah lao so late. Ok, time to defend the faith
Saint Michael the Archangel,
Defend us in battle
Be our protection against the wickedness and snares of the devil;
May God rebuke him, we humbly pray;
And do thou, O Prince of the heavenly host,
By the power of God, thrust into hell
Satan and all evil spirits
Who wander through the world
For the ruin of souls.


Today went to school for band orientation. I can’t play any instrument except drums. But I put my name in the clarinet list. They made us play some games, and play the instruments. I didn’t play any because I’m a beginner. Then went home to eat lunch, then sleep. At night, went to St Mary of the Angels for the Curia’s aniversary. They gave us a brown scapular.


Post number 39
PAh..another day of practical and tutorials…Microbiology practical is terrible…I can’t work the microscope at all…Die lah my microscopy finished liao lah….Then the observation cannot make it ah, E.coli cannot see anything, Staphycoccus Aureus also cannot see…Wah lao eh how to write my lab report!!! Then we had maths for life science. Siansation ah, simple emaths i also forgot how to do…Hmm better put more hard work. Today was Gerwyn Tay’s birthday. Went to eat with him, Samuel Huang, Dom, Roderick at Serrangoon, the coffeeshop where we eat when we play football. Tomorow, is a long day of lectures. 9am to 6pm, wah lan eh!!!! Good luck to me…

“Hard work spotlights the character of people: some turn up their sleeves, some turn up their noses, and some don’t turn up at all.”
-Sam Ewig

Post Number 38

Post Number 38
Wah lao eh!!! Can die man!!! Physical Chemistry can go die liao… I don’t know what the lecturer is talking about, and the practical sucks!!! Today I took the whole day just to finish the practical records, and not the actual report mind you!!! Then we have to deal with imperial system, metric system, gross mass, net mass, tare mass? Then we have V=nRT/P? Thats to find the volume of gas when the temp and pressure is provided. Erm.. I think. Then at the end of the lecture I realised mol concept is involved. What? Mol is involved? That was the first time I was hearing it. *mumble mumble mumble* Anyway, I’m joining the NYP-PAL and symphonic band. No, I have no musical background in case you were wondering. And, PAL is supposed to be some sai kang works brigade with apparently good cca pointage. And you only meet when you are needed! Great eh.. Oh, PAL stands for Promoters And Links. Strange eh? Now for today’s anecdote:

The German philosopher and theologian, Friedrich Schleirmacher, once attempted to explain to a questioner the type of people that comprise his audience. “My audience is composed mainly of students, young women and soldiers. Students come because I’m from the Board of Examiners. The young women come because of the students. And the soldiers come because of the young women.”


Most Sacred Heart of Jesus, have mercy on us

Immaculate Heart of Mary, pray for us

Our Lady of Mount Carmel, pray for us

Stella Matutina, ora pro nobis

Our Lady of Perpetual Succor, pray for us

St Michael the Archangel, pray for us

St Jude, pray for us

St Benedict, pray for us

St Dominic, pray for us

St Anthony, pray for us