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SCL Orientation

What a week…I had orientation on Monday and Today. Tomorrow still need to go back for E-learning briefing. My class has 28 people. Nice people. I hope I’ll know them better in the time to come… Yesterday the thing started at 9 am. Met Keok Juting and Harry Phoon before going in together… Keok is from the other course, CPT. Bloody hell whole day ask me where the f*** I am…keep saying ‘wah f***king sian ah..’… Lol. Then we had talks in the morning…games in the afternoon… Wah lao eh the games… make us run here and there.. Then in the evening they made us wrap one two of our classmates in toilet roll, then transport them to the finishing line. The game after that was to defend them from water bombs. Basket! I had a water bomb richochet onto my jeans…. Sianz.. Today we had some AIDS and STD talk.. the HPB’s video was quite good… very funny also.. There was one part where some NSmen were throwing condoms filled with water at each other… Bought out Lab coats after the talk. I like that coat. Lunch was quite good, a buffet provided by the school. Then we had our performance in front of the whole cohort. Lol there were plenty of good performances. Plenty of dirty jokes too.. The good thing about poly is that you can make dirty jokes and nobody will kill you… But I could be wrong… Ah, we didn’t win any prize but we all had fun… Hmm what else..Oh yes, our Orientation Group Leaders i.e OGL were funny people. This fat guy Melvin and this girl Aisha. Lol he can’t even remember her name…. Funny… Ok that’s it for the night. In case you didn’t know, I’m at Nanyang Polytechnic, School of Chemical and Life Sciences (SCL), taking Molecular Biotechnology. Oyasuminasai….

Evaluation Meeting

We are the unforunate, led by the unqualified, to do the unecessary, for the ungrateful. – scriblings found in an American military toilet in Vietnam

Ok. I didn’t go to novena as planned because I woke up at 1215 pm today. I slept so damn late because I was watching channel U. They were showing My Sassy Girl. I went to drum lessons today. Was beginning to catch what was going on. Then off to evaluation meeting at Queen Of Peace. Reports went smoothly. Didn’t stay behind for the curia officers’ lecture. I wonder how it went. So anyway, I went for dinner with parents and brother and Joshua and parents and his relatives. I ate a lot. I’m damn full now. Ahhh…..tomorow no CL…can sleep late…HAHAHA….

Evaluation reports..

Wah Lan eh….. I finally completed the evaluation report for the recruitment camp….. Shit lah haven’t even done my retreat planning yet… Damn, I must be the worst procasinator around… Tommorow is going to be a long day… Morning go novena, 1pm go drum lessons at PS, 4pm got for evaluation meeting at Queen of Peace… 7 pm go for dinner with Joshua’s relatives…. Tomorrow’s evaluation meeting is going to be damn long, and probably filled with verbal assaults…Things are not going well with the curia officers and us…Anyway, I went to legion meeting today and then stayed till 3 to do the archiving with Eugene…Then went to cut hair….Now my hair is very short. Went to SVDP for CL at 8pm.. Hmm, today I found out that one of our people Lindsley is migrating to Auckland.. So we had a small party for her, some drinks and a cake. Never really had a chance to know her well. Pity pity. Ah well, there’s always MSN. I wonder what the time difference with Singapore and Auckland..Hmm. I’m going to bloody sleep now! It’s so damn late…

Recruitment Camp 2004

Came back from my Legion recruitment camp yesterday… I think I enjoyed myself, even though I had little sleep and there was lots of chaos… There were 100++ participants and they were mostly primary school kids.. We had pre-camp on thursday, had to clean up the place and move the matresses. At least we had a nice long sleep of 8 hours. I had 2 hours of sleep on Saturday, and 3 hours of sleep. The reason we slept so late was because the campers were giving a lot of problems and we also had to conduct debriefing and meeting. The kids were very noisy and the older ones were not setting good examples. On Friday night, the young punks go and bathe without our permission. By the time they ended, it was already 1 am!! Then the next morning they also go and bathe again… Robin was so pissed off that he called for a scolding session! Then these kids have lots of diseases… Dunno what ADHD, asthma, eczema, heart problem…wah lan eh… Then also got lots of problem kids… This clique of girls who come to the camp to look for boyfriend….A couple of cannot make it act gangster ah bengs… Most of the kids never talk to the opposite sex before… What to expect? All come from single sex schools… And most of them were probably coming for the wrong reasons…Some parents force them to come when they did not want to.. Some see friends come then also come…But you can’t blame them for this. Children basically ‘Monkey see, Monkey do.’ Anyway, there was this little girl with eczema, in the middle of the night start crying loudly. And the problem was that she had no more medicine!! Pet and Robin had to coax her to sleep and stop herfrom scratching herself…In anycase, the camp ended on Sunday at 9.30 am for the campers. For us facilitators, not yet!! We had to keep the mattresses and clean up the place, followed by another long meeting. When we left the place, Eugene, Selene, Matthew and I were pushing the shopping cart we had borrowed from shop and save… lol we were planning on abandoning it but the conscience got the better of us… so we pushed it all the way back to the shop before going to meet my parents to take us all home…That’s it.

CL Camp

Came back from my CL camp yesterday. It started on Wednesday. And I actually learnt something. Food was good. Too many things to write. MSN me if you really want to know.

Harry Potter and the Turkish Ice Cream

Yesterday went to watch Harry Potter with Joshua and Stellina. Had lunch at far east. The chicken rice was good. Lol then there was the turkish ice cream shop. The turkish man keep pulling my ice cream away with the metal stick. Basket, they did that one the taiwanese variety show too!! So the man ji siao me for about 3 minutes before giving me my ice cream. It tasted good, you can actually chew it. But tastes a bit like milk powder though, a not so strong chocolate taste. Went to church at night. Today went to 2 pm novena, then went to sengkang to plan a retreat in August.

No money, no girls either.

Damn. I’m broke. Monday eat steamboat, play arcade. Tuesday eat Ajisen. Just now eat KFC. No more money. Went for drum lesson on Tuesday…it was quite okay but I guess I need to practise more. Lol just now damn funny. Went to WenLi’s house for his BBQ. Then I met this girl, but forgot to ask for number. So after I left I ask him to help me get. But 1 hour later still cannot get! She didn’t want to give me! Wah lao eh, I give up ah….=P Never mind, it was a good experiment. Better luck next time. =D

Wilfred’s birthday

Yesterday was Wilfred’s birthday. We met at paya lebar mrt. Lots of his friends came. Then we wanted to bowl at katong shopping center. But they were repairing the lanes. So we went to roxy square to play pool. Played with Terrence Eng and Ryan Bradley. Lost every round except 2. Because I was tyco, I managed to win. Terrence Eng hit the black ball in, giving me a win. Ryan Bradley made more mistakes than me, so I won. He was so pissed off that he went outside to smoke and didn’t play anymore! Oh, the tables were on Wilfred. Birthday boy gets to pay. At night we went to Marina South to eat steamboat. The damn place full of flies, amazingly I didn’t get the runs today. But the food was quite okay. Really ate a lot…. We were like eating for a few hours. Later we went to arcade. Lol I was playing percussion freaks 9th mix like some mad idiot. Yaohui then took the high hat, another guy took the cymbal, then I took the middle drums. Lol! It was damn funny! Then we went home around ten something. Yaohui took a lift from me, when we alighted at City Hall. Then we were trying to look for DBS, cause my mother was waiting there. Then we ask this man, who talk like a gay. Actually he told us the right way, but we thought he was wrong. So Yaohui was like ji siaoing the man, “That *&*&ing gay!!!”. After damn long, we went the right way. I reached home at 1130 pm.


Most Sacred Heart of Jesus, have mercy on us

Immaculate Heart of Mary, pray for us

Our Lady of Mount Carmel, pray for us

Stella Matutina, ora pro nobis

Our Lady of Perpetual Succor, pray for us

St Michael the Archangel, pray for us

St Jude, pray for us

St Benedict, pray for us

St Dominic, pray for us

St Anthony, pray for us