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Hougang Polyclinic

Wah piang eh. Today went to see doctor again. This time I went the hougang polyclinic. Yes, you have to queue up. But if you are an emergency case you can get treated first then queue up later. Just like me. I had an asthma attack today. Ventolin and hot water and cough syrup wasn’t doing any good. So they gave me six steroids to swallow, and put me on the nebuliser. The steroids leave a horrible residue in my throat. At least the nebuliser vapours smell good. So after seeing the doctor, I had lunch at a coffeeshop nearby. Ate fish noodles. It was good. As for polyclinic fees, it’s dirt cheap compared to a private GP or specialist. But the problem with polyclinic is that you have to queue like mad and if you stay there for too long you’ll probably catch something else other than your own disease. I could sense an aura of sickness in that place, I tell you!

I am your commander, follow me!

I went to see the allergy specialist on Monday. But the bloody waiting time was so long, so I ended up going to a GP. Stupid nurses. We called the specialist to book an appointment but they said it wasn’t necessary. Bloody hell, if they knew it was going to be crowded, they should have told us. Anyway the GP gave me some super strong asthma tablets and flu tablets plus cough syrup. The side effect of the cough syrup is that my hands will shake uncontrollably. The asthma tablets did some good, but I’m still getting an occasional wheeze even as I type now. Everything was okay until I drank the cooling tea last night. Damn it, I better keep away from cold drinks. Ah, I finished reading Ender’s Game already. It’s a good book. Oh then I was playing shattered galaxy today. By coincidence I ran into this player named Wiggin, who is named after the main character in the book. So I started talking to him about the book. I asked him where he was from, he said Canada. Then he the first thing he said to me was, ‘ I am Ender Wiggin, your commander! Follow me!’ Now I say to you, ‘I am your commander! Follow me!’

Ender’s Game

Ah. Damn it,I’m feeling wheezy since yesteday. Must be that bloody made in china apple soft drink I drank at Amoy Street hawker center. I used my inhaler hundreds of times already but to no avail. Drinking hot drinks and water makes me feel a bit better though. I had a cup of tea in church and another at Macdonalds. I was hanging around with some of the church people. Ah, and I finally procured my copy of Orson Scott Card’s wonderful masterpiece, ‘Ender’s Game’. It’s the first book in the Ender anthology. But the best thing is I bought it at FIFTY CENTS, not to mention that it’s almost brand new. Great. If I were to buy it from Kino, it’ll cost $20? Anyway, so far I’ve finished reading James Patterson’s The Jester. I’ve just starting reading Michael Crichton’s The Andromeda Strain. Yeah it’s an old book, but i’ve wanting to read it for a long time. When I get my paycheck, I’ll go buy Timeline. I bought my guitar tuner today at Thomson Plazza. I went to PS on Friday but they didnt sell the $20 only, only the $30 one. And guess how much I paid today? $40!!! Shit! Ah well, there’s a price for good stuff. *Cough Cough. Time to take more hot water. Oh yes, I got posted to Nanyang Polytechnic to do Molecular Biotechnology. Sounds grand, ain’t it? So, if you are coming to Nanyang Poly (or AJC which is just opposite), see you around. Cheers.

Work work

Well, the job went well. I hope that I can get a good commision. I’m planning to buy some CDs. I guess I learned quite a lot from this job. I think I did a good job at promoting. Even my colleagues said I’m good. Wow. Hidden talents. But I don’t think I’ll ever do it again. It’s tiring, having to stand around for hours. Still, I think I enjoyed the experience, despite having suspecting someone of trying to take my commision away from me. Then again, I realised things aren’t always what they seem, and people seem to be better once you get to know them. I learned a lot from my colleagues. This system engineer advised me to look for part time jobs with pay no less than 5 dollars. My superior said that one must learn to cover his ass, and also to do your best. If you do your best, you have nothing to lose. Looking at them, I think the working class people aren’t that bad after all. Then there were these 2 part timers from the ebay company. They seem a bit cheena, but are nice people in general. Then again, all of them quite cheena. There was even this Malay girl from my company that can speak Chinese. My Chinese isn’t very fluent, so it’s a bit of an embarrassment.. There was also this Chinese girl, also cheena one, quite okay looking. She speak a few sentences in Chinese to me then suddenly stopped and said, ‘Oh sorry, I forgot you speak English one.’ Oh man…. To think I come from Chinese school and also join Chinese legion for 4 years already.. Crap I’m going to poly so sure die for they all speak Chinese.’s a Chinese world out there.. As for the booth babes at the IT fair, they aren’t terribly good looking. All of them are far too thin. Too little flesh. They seem to be Ah Lians who just wear too few clothes. I pity the girls from the Kyocelra booth. They are wearing bloody high heels the whole day. The girls from the Asus booth are all little girls, good to study, but better not touch. Lol okay, time to play Shattered Galaxy. Cheers.


Lol, i played scrabble with my brother on Tuesday and he came up with lots of stupid words. He claims that if I check the dictionary and if that that word really exists, I will lose a turn. Yeah, words like ‘Waldy’ and ‘Xo’. I got fooled by the ‘waldy’ one. Thought it was related to ‘weld’ or something. Im bored. I can’t go to school till July. Looks like I have to get a job. Oh yes, i’m going for an interview tomorow. What’s the job? Help in the IT Fair which lasts 3 days. Whatever.. pay seems decent enough. Ah, I finally bought a guitar today. It’s just an entry level brand…but I don’t need such a good guitar right? I’m just a beginner. MY brother had to choose a PINK pick. It’s not a bad colour, but I’ll pass for something more subtle. We may have to share a guitar, but I’m getting my own pick. Ah.

Registering for School

I went to register for school on Tuesday. Put my first choice as Molecular Biotechnology in Nanyang poly. Sure….people say it’s not the best poly…go there waste time only…. can go JC don’t want to go… siao ah…
want to go poly go to better one lah….Well I’m not willing to travel all the way to the other end of the island to study. Besides, how bad can Nanyang poly be? Well, pressure cooker A levels isn’t for me, especially when I dont have the add maths background. Ah well. If I had add maths in O level, I would definitely go to JC. Afterall, I have A1 for history and humanities!? And I’m like the only guy who bothers to read newspapers and all? (For you folks who wonder what I’m talking about, knowledge of current affairs is essential for General Paper. Not that I want to brag or anything….. but hey…^_^)


Most Sacred Heart of Jesus, have mercy on us

Immaculate Heart of Mary, pray for us

Our Lady of Mount Carmel, pray for us

Stella Matutina, ora pro nobis

Our Lady of Perpetual Succor, pray for us

St Michael the Archangel, pray for us

St Jude, pray for us

St Benedict, pray for us

St Dominic, pray for us

St Anthony, pray for us