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Emos and their smokes

Went to play pool yesterday with Joesphine, Kim Hock and Rayson. Damn, I need to practise more. Rayson was slow at first but he managed to beat me at the end. Not bad! Met Joshua for dinner after that. I decided to skip CL, muahahahaha…..

Today, I had Legion meeting. Had lunch with them as usual, then went to Wu Dian Zhi Xing’s Church to help them in their recruitment. Blessed Sacrament Church is all the way in Commonwealth and it took 1 hour for me to get there! Sat in the bus till my ass was numb.

Today’s recruitment was so-so, though a few mishaps at the start. For instance, they had some leaflets to give out, then they thought I had them. But no, I didn’t. So I went downstairs to check the bins and then went back up again, only to find that they were in Adeline’s bag. We could avoid the panic if we had checked earlier. Lol.

I stayed for Mass with them. Wah lao, the Mass there very different.. They have more parts to sing, and everybody remains kneeling even though the consecration is complete, only rising at Our Father. Then they have this gong to sound when the consecration is taking place. Damn loud!! They even have altar rails… Heh, that’s really old school. It’s the first time I entered a church with altar rails. The acolytes also use the old fashioned wooden lights, instead of metal ones. Talk about traditional!!

Had dinner with parents at Chinatown. We went to pick my brother up. He was hanging out at some gig at The Third Place, in the Outram area. There were some church people performing. Saw a few of them there. Not my people, so never bothered to say hi. Dad gave my brother a hell of a lecture in the car. God, not again…Dunno what smoking what not….

Please lah, they are everywhere. How is it possible to avoid having smokers as friends? You want to run away until how long?

Then he was lecturing my bro against hanging out in such places, and with such people. “Undesirables”, he said. So ironic, considering that there are a lot of people from church there. Granted, I wouldn’t hang out with them, but I wouldn’t be quick to label them as undesirables. My brother was upset, but he’s used to it, I can tell.

Truly, I do not really approve of the company my brother is keeping, but there’s not much I can do. I ask him to wake up his idea but he won’t listen. Yes, I pray for him, but I bet that he will flunk his exams, and get into some other serious trouble within the next 3 months. How do I know of this? I just have a very, very bad feeling.

Damn it, must be all that f***ing emo he’s listening to! Lol, my dad cannot tell the difference with emo and rock, so when he asked my brother to stop listening to rock, my bro was inevitably pissed off. My dad was equating drugs to rock music and equating emo to rock music, which means in his terminology; emo = drugs.
I empathise with my brother on this point. Emo is NOT equals to drugs.

My dad lectured him about screamo too. I’ll side my father with this one. Screamo is okay once in a while. But when you have a brother who plays it and “SINGS” it everyday, it gets damn annoying. Which explains why I only study at night, because he screams in the day! God!

The shit is probably going to hit the fan again real soon, but I hope that it will be a long time till it comes.

Long live the Pope!

Long live the Pope!
His praises sound
Again and yet again:
His rule is over space and time:
His throne the heart of men:
All hail! The Shepherd King of Rome,
The theme of loving song:
Let all the earth his glory sing
And heav’n the strain prolong!
Let all the earth his glory sing
And heav’n the strain prolong!

Beleaguered by
By the foes of earth,
Beset by hosts of hell,
He guards the loyal flock of Christ,
A watchful sentinel:
And yet, amid the din and strife,
The clash of mace and sword,
He bears alone the Shepherd Staff,
The champion of the Lord.
He bears alone the Shepherd Staff,
The champion of the Lord.

His signet is the fisherman’s
No scepter does he bear
In meek and lowly majesty
He rules from Peter’s chair
And yet from every tribe and tongue
From every clime and zone
900 million voices sound
The glory of his throne!
900 million voices sound
The glory of his throne!

Then raise the chant,
With heart and voice,
In Church & school & home:
“Long live the Shepherd of the Flock!
Long live the Pope of Rome!”
Almighty Father bless his work,
Protect him in his ways,
Receive his prayer, fulfill his hopes,
And grant him length of days!
Receive his prayer, fulfill his hopes,
And grant him length of days!

Year 1 comes to an end

All right! Exams are over at fricking last! W00000t!

Now it’s time to look for some work.

Let’s see…Biostatistics was okay. I managed to do most of the questions. Hopefully the answers are right. Cell Biology on Thursday was damn easy, MCQ especially. Ok fine, I had trouble with the essays. But it was manageable overall.

Went down to Bugis after Cell Bio with Pei Suan to buy Nadiah’s and Josephine’s birthday gifts. We were at this shop and I was looking at this funny looking radio. Basically, it’s a leather cube with buttons on the side and the transistor is inside. Pei Suan thought it was $2 when it actually cost $32! You should have seen the look on the cashier’s face when I tried to pay for it. Lol…

Went for class chalet after that. I had a good time. I learnt to play Mahjong. Ok, I’m not very good at it, but that’s because I’m new. BBQ was on Friday. Most of them were present. Lol, it was funny watching our vegetarian class mate cook his own food with our charcoal and his own stove. Ingenious, but I didn’t know whether to laugh or to cry. I gave him some sweet potatoes and normal potatoes to fill his stomach.

Ah, some of them drank on the last day. It was funny watching Rayson drinking for the first time. No, he wasn’t drunk, but some of the guys were teaching him how to take his drink. I didn’t have much, had no money to buy.

Then some of them were freaked out by ghosts. What ghosts? I didn’t feel anything strange or ungodly. It might be mean of me, but I really felt like laughing. Some of them stayed in groups to avoid being alone. I don’t know… but I was really surprised to see a few of them so afraid.

Anyway, my sleeping hours for the past week were really short. Chalet didn’t make any exception. I left at 9 am on Saturday for Legion meeting. When I came home at 1130, I slept until like 9 pm? My body clock was totally screwed. But it’s a bit better now. I better sleep early tonight.

Went to church in the morning. The two seminarians posted here promoted vocations today. Damn it, this vocations thingy is here to bug me again. That day my brother went to call my aunt and tell her that I was going to become a priest. She was so shocked that she called me to double-check. The hell there is! I promptly cursed the shit out of my brother. I’m rather sick and tired of people joking about this. Basket, do you really think that it is so easy to become a priest? Then you go be one!

But really, I don’t even know what I want any more. Pray I guess.

Especially so that I don’t screw up my results!

Buried a Pope today… Buried a Pope today..

Yeah, organic chemistry wasn’t as bad as I thought. But Biochemistry wasn’t as easy as I thought. Nah, it was quite manageable on the whole.

In all my years, at exam time I will be playing games instead of studying. On normal weeks I won’t be playing anything (but that doesn’t mean I’m studying). Like today, I think I played more Warcraft than I studied.

Not a good sign. I should be putting more effort especially when my maths is like shit, and I didn’t do very well for the Microbiology quizes and practicals (which is very shocking). Perhaps I’m slacking too soon, since Organic Chemistry and Biochemistry are the most important subjects to me. I think I’m becoming too complacent.

I can’t wait till my damned papers are over.

Oh, they finally buried our Pope at last. And they declared 9 days of mourning. What?! From last Saturday until now, then you still want another 9 days?! Haha, you didn’t expect something like that to come out from me right? Ok, He deserves it. It’s been a long journey.

But I can’t stand the fact that people are saying that the next Pope will be the Anti-Christ. Sure, if the previous ones weren’t, then the next one must be? Yeah, if the next Pope is Anti-Christ, then that next Pope must be me. Lol.

Double Deaths on Divine Mercy Sunday

Second Sunday in Easter (Feast of the Divine Mercy), Year A

3rd of April 2005

Lessons are all over already. Exams have started. All right, I finally passed my Organic Chemistry. I got B for practical. I’m tyco!

I’ve attempted to study all week, but it’s obviously not working very well. At least I understand the lecture on the SP hybridization better now. Great, that sure helps a lot. Didn’t study at all today (Sunday). Was too tired.

If you’ve been following the news, you would have heard about the woman on the feeding tube who died. After they took it off! Damn those murderers. So much for America being the land of the free.

Alas, the Pope is gone too.

I hope that they are in a better place now, out of this crappy earth.

Requiescant in pace

Terri Schiavo aka Theresa Marie Schiavo (maiden name Schindler)

(3 December 196331 March 2005)

Pope John Paul II aka Karol Józef Wojtyla

(18 May 1920 – 2 April 2005))


Most Sacred Heart of Jesus, have mercy on us

Immaculate Heart of Mary, pray for us

Our Lady of Mount Carmel, pray for us

Stella Matutina, ora pro nobis

Our Lady of Perpetual Succor, pray for us

St Michael the Archangel, pray for us

St Jude, pray for us

St Benedict, pray for us

St Dominic, pray for us

St Anthony, pray for us