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Photographs for school

Went to take photograph today. Pasted it into the student data form. Slipped it into the envelope. Went to Nanyang Poly Student Admission Office. Queued up. Submitted forms. Went home to slack.

Medical Test for School Admission

Went for medical test for poly admission on Friday. Recieved results today. Went to Church of St Michael to promote legion camp on Saturday and Sunday. Nothing much these days. Sleep, eat, play computer, watch tv, go gym. Rinse and repeat.

Warcraft 3! Ladder!

Last Friday I went to play football. Tomorow I shall go play football again. Recently I have discovered the joy of playing warcraft 3 ladder matches. But I keep on dying. Sad. Ah, the damn school sent me the matriculation package at last. And what? Cannot dye hair? What the shit! Anyway, parents don’t allow. Lol. Damn it, my right hand can’t type now. Too many hours of warcraft. Spasm. Fingers can’t move. ok I better rest my fingers now.

Passion Play

On Good Friday, our passion play for the little punks went well. Some of them thought it was a tad too violent, as some of them were on the verge of tears. Guess our acting was good. On Holy Saturday I went to meet Eugene, Jasmine and Patrick to discuss about our presidium. After that I went to HMV. I bought the Guns and Talks OST as well as this album of guitar songs called The Alternative Album. At night I went for Easter vigil at St Vincent’s. Came back at midnight. Today I went to get back my CD burner from Eugene. Then I went to town to go out with Yishun, Xieqiang, Hansheng and Mr Goy. We went to Nooch. Then we went to Cafe Cartel at city hall to eat ice cream. The tab was on Mr Goy. Then we went to search for Xieqiang’s and Yishun’s schoolbag. We went to many shops, and only found the perfect bag after a loooong time.. Haiz, stupid nanyang poly still haven’t send me my enrolement package… Sianz. By the way, Happy Easter, God Bless. War in the pocket wishes all readers a joyous Easter season.

Maundy Thursday

Let’s see. On Tuesday I went to play football with Sam Huang, Dominic, Roderick and Gerwyn Tay. I was wheezing before I started playing. But after playing, I started to feel bettter. Exercise certainly does wonders. So we were playing with the neighbourhood kids, mostly people from SGSS. Most of them were Malay kids, this fact I need not mention. But it was fun. After football we had dinner at the coffeeshop. Yesterday I went for mass at IHM. So I asked Sam Huang whether he wanted to come or not. He asked Dominic along as well. After mass we went for dinner at some prata shop nearby, then we went to town to see show. 9.30 pm show at Cineleisure, Gospel of John. It was a good show, though we have painful necks now. The only good seats were in the second row. The theater was quite small. The show finished at 12.30 am. I reached home at 1 am. Ok, time to go out. Ah, still have to go for mass tonight. Today is Maundy Thursday. Will be going for church visiting after that. See you.

Lenten Vigil

Wah. I went for Lenten Vigil at SVDP on Friday. I came to church at 5 PM to set up the backdrop. I had to tie the strings to keep the backdrop up. And the stupid windows at the balcony served only to get in my way.
Then we had rehearsals all the way till ten thirty. We started the passion play at twelve. I acted as the High Priest and Chief Priest. I had a black costume and a gold cape. It was quite confusing on when to put on my gold cape. So I remembered it as ‘Don’t Put one, Put on, Don’t Put on, Put On, Don’t put on’. I think that did the trick. I figured I did quite an okay job. After the play, we had stations of the cross. I acted as Simon.
After stations we went back to the room to stone. Then exco decided to have their meeting. I got chased out. As usual. So Julius asked me to the main chuch where they were having Taize. It’s quite cool afterall, just like how Matthew described it. After that they had washing of feet. We had our chairman Iggy to wash our feet. I hope he didn’t find my feet too smelly, considered I was walking around the church barefoot during the acts. The next thing was reflection. Then they had this video of this guy. When the guy on the screen acts like Jesus, He seems to be Jesus himself. When he acts as Peter, or whatever, he seems to be them. He does this for 3 hours without taking a drink. He’s good. The show was very shocking. It certainly got me thinking. We had breakfast at 5 am. I just drank milo. Then rosary followed by mass was at 6.30. Actually I didn’t really feel that drained. I feel like I slept my normal hours. During the reflection and video, I really thought for a long time. I was thinking whether Jesus could have escaped carrying his cross, which let me to think, whether I can escape carrying my cross. My cross for now happens to be trying to run Maris Stella High’s very ramshackle Legion of Mary. With Dominic in the army now, It’s time for me to take over. But I’ve been doing a lot even when he was still around. He did a lot too. We all did a lot. I’m tired. I wonder how is his army life. He went in on Friday. Without him around I feel kind of lost. And I have no idea how to recruit people to join us. Heck, I don’t even know why we are here in the first place. We are supposed to evangelise, spread the word of God. But there isn’t much we can do in Maris Stella. At least not that I know of. But I was thinking, even though we have so much trouble after so many years, we haven’t needn’t to shut down. I think God is really helping us. Why else can we survive for so long? I guess the best thing to do now is to pray more and to leave it to God. In the meantime we’ll do what we can. I think the best part of the vigil was near the end of Mass. Felix was grinning happily to me, so i smiled back at him. Despite being deprived of sleep, he still cheerful. This is something I can learn from. In any case I went back at 745, took a shower, ate some more food and medicine, then slept till 130 pm.


Most Sacred Heart of Jesus, have mercy on us

Immaculate Heart of Mary, pray for us

Our Lady of Mount Carmel, pray for us

Stella Matutina, ora pro nobis

Our Lady of Perpetual Succor, pray for us

St Michael the Archangel, pray for us

St Jude, pray for us

St Benedict, pray for us

St Dominic, pray for us

St Anthony, pray for us