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Oh Generals!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday I went to look for Generals at Serangoon Shopping Centre. The uncle says stock comes in at 2pm. So I went to Heartland Mall to walk around before coming back at 2. The man says stock comes in on Wednesday.

On Wednesday, I went to visit the Senoko Incinerator with the Geo Council. Apparently they put my name on their members roll. Which means I have 3 CCAs now. Lol. Ok, so I go back to the shop at 5 something PM. They man smiles and says that stock comes in on Friday. Shit!!!! Damn Electronic Arts……taking so long to deliver…I’ll call the uncle before going down on Friday.

So I went for dinner at Chomp Chomp with Joshua and Donovan Foo and their classmate. Wah piang eh, ate quite a lot. Went to Joshua’s place after that to watch TV. Hmm..

ICC 2004

Saturday, woke up at 6.45 am. Went to school for the international coastal cleanup organised by NYP Geo Council. It was more interesting and fun than I had expected. They had organised it with Yio Chu Kang CC Youth Group and Andersen Primary School. So in my group, there were these 3 primary school boys who called their group Alien versus Predator…Heh, kids… So we had to analyse what rubbish we picked up. They’ll collate all the data and send it to the UN. Whoa, UN sia!! Yah, they want to see if the world’s oceans are getting cleaner or dirtier…I think it’s the latter.. There’s a bloody lot of styrofoam bits and for some reason, lollypop sticks. Damn littering punks. So my group picked up 9 kg of litter. We had food after cleaning up. Went back to school for music theory lessons. Then I went home to sleep. Woke up at night? =P At least I finished my damn comm skills case study. Hmm. Marvellous.

I was reflecting, what the hell are we doing to our oceans?! We are supposed to be stewards of this God’s earth. He is going to destroy us all if we don’t do something…. God have mercy… And then this guy from my group asked me. Which is better? A peaceful world or a clean world? Think about it…

Today went for CL at 8 am. It was Ignatius’s birthday. Damn, I didn’t know at all. Maybe I should get him something..thank him for helping me with maths…Lol I know i’ll still fail, but at least he managed to answer the tutorials I didn’t know. Yah… Then I finally finished my damn Microbiology A e-practical about half and hour ago? Yes. Now I can go and bloody sleep. Good night.

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Most Sacred Heart of Jesus, have mercy on us

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