Seventh Bookout

Last Monday to Wednesday, we had Situational Test. They split us up from all the platoons into different details. I was assigned as 2IC and Navigator of my detail. I did all right for the missions, but navigation was a disaster.  The external assessors were NSmen officers doing their reservist training.

Assessor 1: Eh Navigator, you sure you know where you going or not?

Me: Yes, Sir.

Assessor 1: Eh you sound confident, but I dunno leh…

Assessor 2: Eh Navigator, you better not let us get lost, or I’m going to *&^% your ass! Hahahahha!

Me: ……… Yes, Sir.

I think the whole idea is to test one’s stress tolerance. But I don’t know. Somehow I think I didn’t do super well. Passable, but not fantastic.

In any case, it was miraculous that we made it through with minimal sniper drills and absolutely no artillery drills at all. We didn’t get that much tekan during the outfield also. I’m finally glad there’s no more outfield. I hate outfield. Everything in outfield is dirty. You can wash your hands but they will get dirty the next second later.

Nevertheless, the clouds seem to be clearing up.

1 Response to “Seventh Bookout”

  1. 1 chris November 23, 2007 at 7:34 pm

    haha with outfield and range over whats left is grenade i guess? it’ll be over soon so tyr to enjoy whats left of ur BMT while u still can.. i’m in 40SAR which is an armour camp and jong huei’s here haha.. i’m a signaller there tho..

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