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6 May – 7 May

This weekend was quite all right..

I decided to visit the CL people on Friday. They said the rosary, since it was the month of May. Unfortunately, nobody knew the mysteries.

How deplorable! Do you see how this is related to the current state of catechesis? /shakes head sadly

Well, I had dinner with Alvin Mok and my brother at Jalan Kayu. We wanted to eat Teochew porridge but it was so bloody expensive, we settled for zi char next door.

I went down to St Anne’s on Saturday afternoon to help out in their recruitment. I didn’t do much, just went there to show my face, fold brochures at the most. We managed to get a few names, so it wasn’t too bad. I attended Chinese Mass with the rest of them. We had dinner at Compass Point after that.

I went to Joshua’s place after that. We were watching the elections results with apple cider and peanuts. Oh shoot, poor opposition didn’t gain much ground. Too bad. I left his place at around twelve something.

I went to town on Sunday, to get a present for Dominic. It’s for his 21st birthday. I went down to Kino at Taka. Initially I wanted to buy an artbook for him, but I couldn’t find any suitable ones. I did go to the computer terminal to check though. I searched under ‘English books’, but I could not find any. I searched under ‘Japanese books’…….well actually I couldn’t, because I forgot how to read the kana. Damn! At times like these you wish that you paid attention during Japanese. Bleah. I bought some Fate Stay Night comic books instead. I decided to splurge, and bought this new series called Blood Alone. It’s about this guy who lives in a house with this little vampire girl. I suspect the naming of this series was by random chance. Let’s try an experiment: If you are a nokia user, turn on your dictionary and spell ‘Blood’. Now, change the word. The next word will be ‘Alone’.

Amazing isn’t it? But I don’t think the Japanese use GSM phones. Hell! They don’t even use SIM cards!

His BBQ was kind of boring. I didn’t know anyone there, save for Eugene and Izaac. I left at around ten pm.

I watch too many spy films…

woah! I had this super action dream yesterday!!

I dreamt that I was inside some evil corporation headquarters and they were making some biological weapons there. So I infiltrated the company with a friend. Some guy, I can’t remember who. So we were led down the elevator to this basement, and suddenly they pushed us out of the lift and closed the doors. We opened the doors in that level but behind the doors were concrete walls! We were trapped! There were some other hostages there too. We found some reinforced glass windows and tried to smash them with metal chairs and wooden planks. Eventually we managed to break the glass but then some bad guys were about to come through the door. So I hid behind the door and smashed him on the head with the metal chair. We managed to fight our way back into the lift and kill the guards.

We stopped at a certain level and some enemy bosses entered the lift. It looked like one of the weapons were released and they were scrambling to evacuate .We pulled them into the lift and started beating them up. After beating them to pulp, we escaped through the ground level lobby.

Then for some reason, I was in some shopping centre. And I had to face off with this gunman bent on killing me. We had Mark 23 Socoms. Suddenly another gunman barged in and he said, “Well, well! Are we having a western showdown here?!”. He pointed his pistol at my forehead, but the first gunman sidestepped behing him and shot him in the head. We ran out of the shop and started firing away. I took cover inside some crystalware shop and the saleslady looked frightened. I said to her, “Get down and you will be all right!”. Once again the bad guys started firing at me. I stepped out and shot back. The other gunman and I moved as one team and terminated the opposing force.

The end!


Most Sacred Heart of Jesus, have mercy on us

Immaculate Heart of Mary, pray for us

Our Lady of Mount Carmel, pray for us

Stella Matutina, ora pro nobis

Our Lady of Perpetual Succor, pray for us

St Michael the Archangel, pray for us

St Jude, pray for us

St Benedict, pray for us

St Dominic, pray for us

St Anthony, pray for us