Evaluation reports..

Wah Lan eh….. I finally completed the evaluation report for the recruitment camp….. Shit lah haven’t even done my retreat planning yet… Damn, I must be the worst procasinator around… Tommorow is going to be a long day… Morning go novena, 1pm go drum lessons at PS, 4pm got for evaluation meeting at Queen of Peace… 7 pm go for dinner with Joshua’s relatives…. Tomorrow’s evaluation meeting is going to be damn long, and probably filled with verbal assaults…Things are not going well with the curia officers and us…Anyway, I went to legion meeting today and then stayed till 3 to do the archiving with Eugene…Then went to cut hair….Now my hair is very short. Went to SVDP for CL at 8pm.. Hmm, today I found out that one of our people Lindsley is migrating to Auckland.. So we had a small party for her, some drinks and a cake. Never really had a chance to know her well. Pity pity. Ah well, there’s always MSN. I wonder what the time difference with Singapore and Auckland..Hmm. I’m going to bloody sleep now! It’s so damn late…

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