Hospital Attachment

The hospital attachment was quite boring. I elected to stay in the treatment room administering ECG (or watching the nurses do ECG), cleaning and dressing wounds. I even had the opportunity to administer the nebulizer to one asthmatic patient. Nonetheless, it was very eye opening. It has proved one thing: that everything that SAF teaches is a farce. The things are taught inside do not correspond with what I see in a public hospital. To a certain degree, at least.

Ah, the only good thing about the hospital is the girls.

I spent only one day out of three in the hospital, because I took MC for the other two days. My staff sergeant was suspicious about my MC. He thought I was just bored. In any case, I was on attend B for the whole of last week. I was afflicted with fever, headache, bodyache, sore throat, cough, green sputum and breathlessness. I must have caught something bad at the hospital. Medication didn’t seem to help much. The antibiotics were completely ineffective.

I went to see a neighbourhood GP on Saturday. Then I actually saw the MO in-camp twice, after that. On the second time he finally gave me some pills, but then he remarked that they weren’t of much use.

MO: Ok, these are lozenges for you to suck on. But since they are from SAF, they won’t really help.
Me: Err, Yes Sir.

I was struggling to breathe for most of the week. Fortunately I didn’t take part in the PT. No route march either, because it was cancelled!

On Saturday I went to see Speed Racer with Kirk and Yeo Kent Lee. What a great show! We had kopi at Joo Seng after that. I came home quite late this morning.

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  1. 1 Pet May 19, 2008 at 4:07 pm

    Hey ian….sorry for sending the file only halfway after it took like forever….hehe..had to go for church dinner……

    anywayz…. please take care…..ur sickness sounds quite bad….. will keep you in prayer dear….

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