Suffer In Silence Plus Extra Confinement

Comd SAF BMTC wishes you all the best in your future posting.

Your Posting Order is listed below:

1. You are posted to SISPEC.
2. Your vocation is INF LDR(TRAINEE).
3. Your are to report to: Pasir Laba Camp, BLK 276, RM #02-15.
Reporting Date/Time: 26/12/2007 at 0800 – 0830 hrs.
Person to report to: Chief Clerk
Contact Number: 64105597/5594/5533

You are required to report in smart no.4 uniform (PES E recruits to be in No 3 uniform), except for those assigned to Police Force.

4. Special Instruction:

Report to Pasir Laba Guardroom. No Camera Handphone, thumb-drives and MP3/MP4 are allowed. You are required to bring along your duffle bag / field pack complete with the SAF issued items given during BMT. You are expected to stay in.

1 Response to “Suffer In Silence Plus Extra Confinement”

  1. 1 Norman December 22, 2007 at 6:05 pm

    School of Intense Suffering Placed on Extraordinary Citizens

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