Recruitment Camp 2007

Wednesday; day zero arrived. I did not look forward to it at all. It was also my last day at work. My manager was also leaving, but we did not know it till the day before. There was a very different atmosphere throughout the office today. In any case I attempted to finish the stack of letters on my table. It was not very fruitful.

At 1230 I rushed out of the office and made my way to the dreaded place, but not before having lunch with my father and banking in my paycheck. I knew that it was going to be long day.

Day zero was spent cleaning up the rooms, transporting the mattresses, and having last minute rehearsals. I was very afraid that things would go wrong in the next few days. With so much last minute preparation, I prayed, I prayed so much.

Day one continued with more last minute rehearsals. There wasn’t much of a mad rush. I even had the time to go to Adoration for half and hour. I wanted to go to Confession, but only managed to do so on Day two before Mass.

The first activity was registration. Christopher handled the booth. I conducted the opening activity after that. We were behind schedule by a bit, and had to cut off most of the Ice-breakers as a result. On the other hand, the games Luke and Mag used to entertain them while waiting satisfied the objective of ice-breaking. I was pleased with the result.

That was the beginning. Day one went past, day two went past, and finally day three arrived. I had little sleep on day one and even less on day two.

To sum up the camp, it went pretty all right, considering that there were many first timers in my team. There was a lot of intervention from the team of helpers, which could have been avoided if our preparation was better. I am indebted to them. Thank you dear helpers.

I must say my own handpicked team did not fare too badly. At least most of them attempted to help out one another. I was not too disappointed.

The kids had fun, and went back learning something new. But I felt unsettled and uneasy, like something had gone very, very wrong. It was unlike the other camps I’ve gone to. Usually I’ll leave satisfied, but not this time. I did not leave happy. Yes, very mixed feelings I know.

Is it me worrying too much; I do not know. Maybe I did not strive hard enough? But all this is too late. It will be my last camp in a very long time. As for all of you, please continue to work hard no matter who is your leader. Do not serve him nor her, but serve the Lord.


1For the uninitiated, the terms Shi Xi, or Practical (实习); Shen Xiu, or Spiritual ( 神修);
And Kang Le, or Games (康乐) are used to categorized activities conducted during camps. These are mainly restricted to Mandarin-speaking Catholics.

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