Second Week of Easter

It was really a long week.. especially in school…

All my fricking cells died, because of some stupid yeast contamination!

The other group in my lab (Siti and Fana – Don’t say I never mention you gals ah…..), also had yeast contamination. The funny thing was, we were infected by different kinds of yeast! Hohoho! Ms Adeline remarked that my yeast looked rather pretty. That sarcastic lady…

I thought it looked like rice grains. CT and Fana’s yeast looked like, raindrops.

We had lots of newcomers in band this week, and some of them are highly skilled. The pressure is on me to become a better player fast, if I want to retain some respect. Then again, I never cared much for the respect of others. But still…it wouldn’t hurt to impress some girls right? ^_^ Heheheh…

My presidium’s 30th anniversary was on Saturday. It was a small affair, really. The adults Stephen and an Uncle Henry came to visit. Also present was Glen, and two new probationary members. I must make some effort to indoctrinate them properly. I cannot afford to lose any more men. Ian, have faith. They will be fine legion gentlemen.

We had KFC and Pizza hut for lunch, sponsored by St Stephen’s Chinese legion. Oh, in case you didn’t know, Maris Stella’s presidium is under the care of St Stephen’s adult presidium. Phew! The bill was so high that the money I withdrew from the treasury wasn’t enough. But never mind la, once in a while.

Where will Maris Stella Legion be 10 years from now? Will we be able to revive the Catholic spirit in Maris Stella? Will we be able to inspire Catholic and non-Catholic students alike? I pray that we can. I wish that I done more during my time. Now I have no choice but to depend on my boys.

God help us..

I went down to St Anne’s for Legion recruitment. Nativity’s presidium shifted to St Anne’s because all the Chinese catechism classes were shifted there. Goodness, Chinese catechism!! Anyway, we managed to get a few names. I hope that we can get some of them down, but there is a clash between the recruitment camp and the diocesan Chinese catechism camp. Argh! Oh well.

A few weeks ago it was mentioned that St Vincent’s may have Chinese Mass. I shall volunteer my services if need be.

I met Joshua on Saturday night. His field camp ended after two weeks. We had beer and finger food at the usual place. We ran into Julius and Agnes. She’s giving birth next week! I will pray for her and their child’s safety.

St Anne, patron of women in labour, please help Agnes and their child in their need. Grant that mother and child will be safe. Amen.

God help us..

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