First Week of Easter

Monday, 17 April

Woke up late and started panicking. Then I remembered I had an excuse letter. So I went in late. Shakeila and I did some work. I left at 12 pm to deal with Geo Council. We set up the booth, did up the banners. We were done at around 5 pm. I had rehearsal for the Percussion Ensemble afterwards. It was kind of tiring, especially since I kept making mistakes. It’s kind of embarrassing delaying everyone’s progress. I shall have to work harder.

Tuesday, 17 April

The day finally arrived! We didn’t do too badly I guess, though it could have been better. I spent the rest of my day manning the Geo Council booth. The numbers are really fantastic.

Wednesday, 18 April

We did much better this time. Here’s some pictures, which can be found at Christopher’s blog.

As for Geo Council, we have a grand total of 72 names!! Smashing!!

I went to St Vincent’s for evening Mass. I was wondering if they needed servers. Asked the secretary, but she said there were already two. I had some mixed feelings to that; though I did not get the chance to help out, at least the Mass would not go unserved. It’s kind of sad to see a priest say Mass by himself with no helpers.

Thursday, 19 April

I went back to the lab since club crawl was over. Nothing much to do today. I went to library to read some books.

Went for band. We had two new members today. At last, we have more girls. Haha.

Friday, 20 April

I spent most of the day watching Memoirs of a Geisha and playing Solitaire on one of the girl’s laptop. We did some subculturing and maintainence at the end of the day. Next week will be a busy week.

Saturday, 21 April

I went for Legion in the morning. Glen, the president before Dominic, came to visit. I decided against having a Mass for our aniversary, seeing that there are plenty of legionaries who have no like for a certain priest. How disappointing.

Nicholas returned after a long hiatus. I pray that the two boys will be able to work together. We had lunch nearby, as usual.

I went down to the army market and walked around. I bought a book from this man who was making such a hard sell. He looked like he didn’t sell any books in a hundred years. I shall review the book when I’m done.. Oh, there was a shop adjacent to the bookshop that sold airsoft stuff. It was run by this lady who happened to know Anthony Koo. It’s like, I saw some photographs of IPSC Singapore (International Practical Shooting Confederation), and Anthony was shown aiming a pistol at some target paper. The lady said that he would be coming down, but I didn’t wait for him. I bought some iron on patches for my messenger bag.

I walked around the area to take a look. I like to explore obscure places, hee. I took a very long walk to Wellsprings Catholic Books. What an odd shop. The shopkeeper always keeps the door locked, adn you have to ring the bell to get in. They have lots of books there, and I even managed to spot a Roman Missal. I procured a brown scapular medal to replace my lost one. Damn, I should really take care of my medals. Walked towards Boon Keng after that to take a bus to Nativity.

I visited the Archdiocesan Perpetual Adoration Chapel at the Catholic Spirituality Center. The monstrance was enclosed by some weird glass and plastic flowers. There was a tabernacle on the left and it had super gigantic altar candles. It’s a nice place, but too noisy because of the traffic. Went next door to Nativity for evening Mass. Monfort School was also having their 90th aniversary. Bishop celebrated Mass.

Met Jill for dinner at Kovan. I have not seen her in a long time. We went to this cafe at the CC. It was called the White Tangerine Cafe ( The food was relatively all right.

It was really great catching up on old times, discussing all kinds of topics. We parted at around 11 pm. I went home after that.

Sunday, 22 April

Woke up in the afternoon. Slacked around the house. Ok, I’m going out now to buy some running shoes.

Oh, this too.

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