Easter Triduum

Maundy Thursday, 13 April

I went for the Chrism Mass at Christ the King at 1030. Wow, there were so many priests there. The procession in and out of the church took really long. They had the blessing of the holy oils, used for: baptism, confirmation, anointing and holy orders. It was a grand affair. There were 3 deacons, ten plus altar servers and hundreds of priests. It was so crowded that I had no place to sit. Oh, I met Norman there for the first time since seeing him online. I ran into Randall too, Brother Randall, to be precise. He’s at the friary at St Mary’s now. I will pray that he will be a good friar.

I went for the 1815 Mass of the Last Supper at the Cathedral of the Good Shepherd. Alvin Mok came along. The choir was excellent. The Cathedral Choir must have practised like mad. Alvin remarked that the age gap is quite big. Yeah, I can see young girls and old aunties in that group.

Basically to end the Mass, there was a procession of the Blessed Sacrament to the Altar of Repose. The choir sang “Pange Lingua”.

Had dinner with the 0406 people. It was Josephine’s birthday. I gave her a Mandarin prayer book from the Daughters of St Paul and a Green Scapular. Though she does not seem to be very open to coming back to the Church, I will continue to pray. On another note, my lab partner Elicia has suddenly become open to the idea of conversion. Apparently her boyfriend is Catholic. Praise God!

Fiat voluntas tua.. fiat voluntas tua..

Went down to St Mary’s with Joshua. They had the Office of Tenebrae at 2330. It was hauntingly memorable. I manage to see Norman and his gang chant in Latin. Terribly haunting.

My parents were there too. We reached home at 0130.

Good Friday, 14 April

Why does it always rain on Good Friday?

I was running a fever plus I had a bad headache, so I went back to sleep. I was supposed to meet the Legion guys to discuss the recruitment, but then… =)

I went for the Stations of the Cross and the Service at SVDP, with my parents.

My people, my people, what have I done to you? In what have I afflicted you? Answer me.

Holy Saturday, 15 April

I went to school in the morning to help out with the Band. I thought we were there to practise our songs but I ended up sewing some tshirts together. They wanted to string some tshirts together to make a walking banner. Interesting idea. I took quite some time to finish it, because I kept sewing the wrong side of the shirt. Ah, I’m not very good at this. We practised our ensemble piece later in the day.

I rushed down to St Mary’s for the Easter Vigil. I made it in time, and I even had a seat. It was really a good experience, though somewhat marred by the malfunctioning sound system. They actually lit this bonfire in the outside of the church and the priest blessed the fire before lighting the Easter candle.

It was really amazing witnessing to three sacraments in one night. I was surprised that they let the friars confer Confirmation on the newly baptized. Oh, they let the laity drink the consecrated wine! I never drank from the cup before. I thank God for letting me drink from the cup. They used glasses though, not chalices.

I met two online acquaintances there, this couple. I’ve only conversed with the wife via email and I’ve never spoken to the husband before. Anyway, the wife was received into the Mother Church while her husband was baptized. The joy I felt was really.. indescribable..

My parents were waiting for me while I was talking to this couple. I was so happy that I kissed my parents. I haven’t done that in ages.

We went to Adam Road hawker center for supper. We reached home at two something in the morning.

Easter Sunday, 16 April

I woke up at 1600 in the afternoon. Yes… that late.. I was trying to rush my assignments.. Managed to finish some, didn’t manage to finish some. Ah well.

Oh, Happy Easter folks!

Rejoice, He is truly risen, Alleuia!

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