Chinese New Year Debriefing

Hello, Happy Chinese New Year to all.

Chinese New Year was great. My family had our reunion dinner on Saturday night. The people present were my Grandfather’s F1 progeny (and spouses) and the F2 generation. The F1 consists of my Fatherand my Mother, my Fathers’s elder sister and her husband. F2 consists of their kids. The food was great. We had steamboat. Grandmother brought some dishes over, including her trademark ngoh hiang. Well, it was the same like every year. Traditional rituals that we undertake in good faith, traditional foods that we eat..

Then, there was visiting. The ang pao collection was decent. I should try to save most of it and not burn it so quickly. I have a feeling that rainy days are coming. I guess the visiting to the various homes of relatives and friends was all right. Nothing particularly interesting. I should have taken a book along. Last year I read 1984, look back here if you like..
CNY 2005

Haha, it’s ironic that I’m listening to communist songs such as the Soviet National Anthem and the Internationale. Nah, I still don’t support them even if they have nice music. Communism is a godless system.

Ah bollocks, I lost more money than I made last year. I lost about a few dollars at Joshua’s house. Crappy hand at Blackjack. Better luck next year!!

I was supposed to go out with Pet and the rest of them, but somehow I didn’t feel like it. Oh yeah, Pet’s 21st birthday was last Thursday. It was a great party. But she was kind of upset with the way things were being done.. ^_^ Typical of her… always striving to gain control of the situation. I guess that’s one of the things that make me look upon her as a mother…

Come on Pet! Loosen up! It’s your birthday… and I’ll post pictures soon..

Ah this new year, I actually have people asking me if I have any girlfriends. Kao, I’m still young all right? I was thinking about my previous forays into such relationships. I haven’t had much success, but I’m learning from my mistakes. To date I haven’t got any targets. And I come to realise that I must wait longer. Perhaps God wants me to focus on more important matters.

Like Legion or even CL for instance. It is to my great disappointment that many youths reduce their commitment to church work considerably after getting attached. I’ve seen it too many times. And the worst part is that we cannot blame them! How can love be wrong when God is love? This is why I’m disgusted by the fact that certain churches try to discourage (subtlely or even overtly) young couples in their CGs.

But still, the agape which God offers overpowers any philla or eros. Imagine the committment a young couple puts in. The committment level will definitely be hundredfold for a married couple.

Now do you see why priests do not get married? If running a family takes up so much committment, how can one run a family and a parish at the same time? How can one support a family with a shitty allowance? Heck, some don’t even get allowance!

Anyway back to my point on BGR, I don’t think it is a good idea to let it interfere with your work too much. It should complement, not supersede your priorities. So boys and girls, if you cannot maintain it, don’t start!

About Legion, I’m becoming a bit discouraged. My presidium is going to the dogs. I’m very skeptical about the curia wide recruitment efforts. I don’t know if I have the willpower and strength to carry on.

No, I must have faith. Dominic said he felt like this when he handed over to us. We must persevere.

Regarding CL, Barry has asked me to return to take over the Spiritual Department. I don’t know whether to laugh or to be honoured. Damn it Julius, what were you thinking? Back then when you decided to give Joshua and I the sack, even though we did a good job? The God of Ironies help us.

Seriously I have lost my zeal for this group. I don’t feel like I’m part of it already. I’m even questioning the legality of such a group. I don’t want to cause any juniors who are reading this to be cynical like I am, so I’m not going to elaborate. But if you really want to know, you can leave a comment.

I wish I could help these youths to learn something constructive instead of letting them treating CL like a playground. It’s the change in the culture and mindsets I guess. Generation ‘I’. ‘I’ matter, you don’t. Your organisation and regulations can stuff it. Now how the hell am I supposed to challenge this screwed up culture by myself? You think I’m some super priest is it?

Listen up, I’m no one’s father. And even priests don’t have the answers sometimes. Ask your parish priests to do something about the fucked up culture we have in our parishes these days.

Though Julius was strict with us, I still thought he was great. I still thought he was all right, even though he demoted us. I owe it to him for being my inspiration to pick up apologetics and to swat off the heretical pests wherever I go. Thank you Julius. We shall catch up some time.

In any case, I have to consider carefully on whether I can help Barry out… My Conscience may not allow it.

I had rather poor results for the common tests. I’m about to fail another test today. Damn. I have to wake up my ideas soon.

After I get some sleep..

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