My dear, why did it all fall apart?

Wednesday was a slack day. We started class at 8 and ended at 11. A few of us had lunch at Mac. Arden, Allison and I went to watch Zathura at Cineleisure. Actually, we wanted to watch Pride & Predjudice, but it’s only coming out today. We spent a lot of time walking around town. I went for Mass at St Peter and St Paul’s nearby after the show. I couldn’t understand what the priests were saying. Their Taiwanese accents were too strong. I went home for dinner.

Zathura was a good show and it certainly made my money’s worth. It reminded me about how brothers are supposed to take care of one another. The starting part was funny when the younger brother shouted at him, “You are such a dick!” Haha, this reminds me of how I have to swear at my brother if I have to get him to do something. Yeah it’s a bad habit, what can I say?

The sociological situation in my class is changing rapidly. I expect to see a radical shift by the end of this semester. Another thing I realise is that no matter how nice people may seem, they inevitably will contain some character flaw. Let me use myself as an example; I have been described by some of my peers as arrogant. After some self-reflection I realise that I have to be more humble.

Well, nobody is perfect. It would not be right if I condemned anyone. Why should I condemn anyone if I myself am not perfect? But does this mean I will ignore their flaws? I’ll close one eye, but not both. We won’t get any work done if we are without sight.

Isaiah 40: 31
They that hope in the LORD will renew their strength,
they will soar as with eagles’ wings;
They will run and not grow weary,
walk and not grow faint.

This is the last line of Wednesday’s first reading. It is also the biblical quote which a friend of mine delivered to me with a set of paper cranes. Incidentally we talked about this friend of mine today.

Oh why did it all fall apart?

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