Emoticons and Dead Mice: Part One

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Without further ado, I bring you:

Emoticons and Dead Mice: Part One

We cut up 6 dead mice on Tuesday for cell technology. Sorry, I couldn’t get hold of any photos so far.

It was quite a sombre affair, especially during the carbon dioxide gassing. I didn’t get to see it, because it was too crowded. The dissection began shortly. I teamed up with Sanjeev and Elicia. I cut open the skin The rest was done by Sanjeev. He opened the visceral membrane and extracted the spleen. I must comment that his techinique was quite smooth. There was no fat stuck to the spleen at all. Excellent. There was no blood spilt. We didn’t nick any of the blood vessels.

I did the mashing up of the spleen, with the back of a syringe. Such strange improvision. What? Is NYP too poor to buy proper mortars and pestles? Never mind… In any case, the experiment took pretty long. Plenty of centrifugation.

It was a nice experiment! Next time I’ll cut up something bigger!

Now about emoticions.. Their use in IM conversations has proliferated greatly. The latest trend seems to be that of substituting a particular word or letter with an animation.

That wasn’t a very good sample. Maybe something like this will do better?

Holy shit….what the hell was that? I took about 3.34354664665 minutes just to read that line?! Either the writing is illegible, or my reading skills have been reduced to that of a toddler. I don’t think the latter is true, so we’ll have to go with the former. But hey, kids are getting smarter nowadays, you know what I mean?

Don’t you find this kind of writing annoying? It’s bad enough that your sentences are consisted mainly of such animations. Now, what could be worse than that?

Big animations, just like this! Spamming, I tell you!

But wait, there’s more. In their effort to attract more attention (acting cute, I’d say), they seem to have had so much practice, that some of them don’t even realise that they use such animations in their conversations! Ok, maybe your kid brother/sister was using your profile (I’m sure…), but that’s a lousy excuse really…

anD doN’t LeT me gEt sTartED On thE uSAgE Of tYpINg sUCh As thiS!! Ors fwensterz terminologiesss such as diaoZZZzzZz and testis w0rzz!!

Oh my God, I think I just became more stupid.

I will go into further detail on ‘fwensterz terminologiesss’ in the next installment! Thank you and God love you!

This post is a public service announcement by the Royal English Police.

5 Responses to “Emoticons and Dead Mice: Part One”

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  4. 4 Anjelline August 21, 2005 at 8:01 pm

    lol… ian.. looks like you took some attention by those emots…
    and i agree with you..
    tYpInG LiKe ThIs SuRe Is FrEaKiNg aNnOyInG
    and it freaking pisses me off to read things like that.. or the emots too…

    anyway, cya around class.. lol..
    oh and since it’s in trend in this particular entry, so i MUST, I MUST do this too:

    do check out my blog! you’re on my read! deffy worth a book mark doode! 😉

    heh. right.
    i think i studied a tad bit too much today, or i’m so bored now.


  5. 5 Anjelline August 21, 2005 at 8:02 pm

    btw, i have to dissect more fishes… i’ve become incompetent with dissections.. =(

    i wanna dissect more!! MORE!!!
    *sadistic evil laughter*

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