27 January 2005 – 30 January 2005

27 January 2005

Ok, today wasn’t such a shitty day. Dr Xu didn’t F me for tutorials. I even decided to go down for band. And I bothered to learn something on the xylophone. Gee, it’s not so bad. Beats having to sit down at the back and stone for a few hours. I will put more effort into learning this music thingy! Yeah!!

28 January 2005

Today was a good day. Went to play LAN with a few of the classmates at AMK Goodspeed Cybercafe. Tried WC3 Defence of the Ancients. It’s not bad. But I kept dying. Oh well, I need more practice. Went down to IHM for confession and daily mass after that. Father Bryan De Souza is a damn good priest. His advice is the best. I’ll tell you frankly, I’m actually damn vulgar. So I’m trying to change that right now. He says, if we use vulgar language unceasingly, we are just animals. But he adds on, humans are indeed animals, but ones that can think before they act. So we must be conscious of what we do to others. If you are tempted to swear, you must try to control your anger (and your mouth). It’s not easy, but you must try. Had dinner nearby, then went to SVDP for CL meeting.

29 January 2005

Went to Maris Stella for Legion meeting. All right! We have another 2 new people! Deo Gratias!! I hope they actually stay. We had lunch at cedar market kopitiam after that. Eugene and I went down to Orchard to meet Pet, Robin, Winson and Marcus. Marcus was fricking late. Alamak! We walked all the way to botanical gardens, where we walked the whole day. We are planning for our event, the mass games in May. Tiring. We walked all over the place! Then there was this spice garden. Lovely place. Mint, rosemary, thyme, you name it they have it. Went to Serangoon interchange with Marcus after that, then we went our own way.

30 January 2005

Went for CL in the morning. Went for the Legion outdoor activity at Changi Point after that. It was basically a field cooking exercise. Lol. My group fried nuggets in a mess tin. The results were fantastic. Ate a lot, a lot of baked beans. Nicholas, the new guy came along with us. Today was fun I guess. We were playing this game where we had to run hold this stick stuck to the ground and run around it 10 times. A few of us got giddy and we ran to the wrong end of the playing ground! Me included..

Parents picked me up later. Gave Nicholas a lift to Serangoon side. Went to my Father’s friend’s place. His wife cut my hair for free. It looks kind of different now. I wonder what reaction I’ll get tomorrow. Went to eat curry rice at hougang side with everybody, then went home.

Ah, Daryl Chng says that I’m in Passion play committee. Hmm, I hope I can do a good job this year. And juggle all my Legion work and school work and musical work (shit why so much one?!)…… Lol, I dunno why, but I feel very happy to do Legion work nowadays. Must be the boost in morale..

Deo Gratias!


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