19 January 2005 – 22 January 2005

19 January 2005

Today there was open house at school. So I went down to help in the name of nyp-pals. Brought some people to tour SCL. Then they re-deployed me to car park 17, at the back of the business school. Had to bring this class from Bendeemer sec on a school tour. Unfortunately, I forgot to take them to the school talk at the lecture hall. But thankfully, they helped to arrange another one, thus saving my ass from getting beaten up. They were a decent bunch, but the girls were damn troublesome. Ah, what to do… So I ended their tour at 5 pm since they wanted to go home. So I went home at 6 pm.

20 January 2005

Open house again. This time I was helping in the name of SCL. Very happy to see Clement and Pauline bothering to come down. At least Jay won’t screw us that badly about the attendance the next time he sees us, because, out of ten people, guess how many turned up for that day?


Today was relatively slack. I came at 1230 pm, but our school only came at 3.30 pm. So we had time to walk around. Donna and her friends came, so I took them around. Was supposed to take Bendeemer (again), but St Gabs came first so they made us take this school. A funny bunch of people, no one can doubt that they are from a guys’ school. I was taking this class with Clement. Eventually we split into two groups. My group spent a lot of time in the engineering school. No prizes for guessing what these people want to do next time.

I had fun with this group. At least they bothered to look at the exhibits and ask questions. Their tour even exceeded the opening hours. What can I say? This is not a bad job.

Went down to orchard with Joshua and my brother to eat dinner. Went home after that.

21 January 2005

Today I went back to Maris Stella with Eugene to finish off the Legion paperwork. I met him in City Hall. He went to meet a seller from Ebay to get his goods. He bought this board game called Beer College. It looks very funny. Basically, it is a drinking game. But you can use water, or sprite or coke, and so on. Interesting. He bought it quite cheaply, and it was in mint condition. It’s an American product, but the box says made in Singapore. Funny.

We went back to school after lunch. Managed to finish quite a bit of work, but I haven’t finished my share yet. Went for CL at night. Crappy attendance. As a result, we could go home early.

22 January 2005

Went to Maris Stella for Legion meeting. At fricking last, we have one new member! Yay! Alleluia!!


Though I have heard some disturbing rumours. Some idiots have been circulating ‘news’ that our group is boring and that you should not join it. As a result we have much difficulty in recruiting people. If they are unbelievers then I have nothing to say, but they are bloody Catholic! How can they do this to us? Perhaps this has been happening for a long time already.


But we are not boring! If only these punks will come and we could show them. It must be the work of the devil. Faith in Maris Stella is declining….So it is our duty to revive it.


Went to NYP to help in open house after that. This time I was working for nyp-pals. Damn bus 135 take so bloody long. It seems like every bus I wait for takes forever to come. And it didn’t help that I was super hungry at that time. I ate a lot of food when I reached school. Today I did crowd control at the registration booth. Not too bad. Went home at 5.30 pm.

I went to my cousin’s wedding dinner at fullerton. Whoa! The place was fantastic. The food was really good. Oh, and my brother got busted for piercing his ears. So I lost my appetite for desert and started praying for mercy. I have never prayed so many rosaries and divine mercy chaplets at one shot in my life, and for so long. Amazingly my parents haven’t screwed him over yet. But I know this will not be the end of it. Who will win? Them or him? No, there is no winner you see. We will all lost.

I don’t understand! Why the hell did he have to fricking pierce his ears? What is it with you young people?! You all like to stand up to authorities right? Like to smoke and dye hair right?

Fools! Weak-minded! Desperately trying to seek the approval of your peers? If you’re friends are on the road to perdition, shall you join their vehicle? Instead of conforming to the rest of them, why not you be unique and do good instead? Since everyone is trying to be a pai-kia, be a non-conformist and be a guai-kia! Be outstanding and show everyone what you are really made of.

Has it become cool to go to hell? Well, once you’re there, it’s not cool anymore. Be forewarned, the kingdom of God is at hand.

And the hour has already started.


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