Chicken Pox

Bloody *high pitch censoring beep sounds* hell……I finally finishing intergrating the important stuff…You like the layout??? Hmm…..Ok..

This damn chicken pox is getting lost soon…but still annoying. Haven’t done much work for the past few days. Absolutely no mood at all. And I have *high pitch censoring beep sounds* maths test on Thursday. Yay, maths is fun. We love maths don’t we?

Bah, I gave feast day a miss again this year. Damn chicken pox. Wonder if it was fun this year. I’ll ask my brother later.

It’s kind of strange that I’m blogging only now, considering that I had a lot of time during the past few days. I dunno, must be the ennui.

chick·en·pox or chicken pox (chkn-pks) (noun)
1) An acute contagious disease, primarily of children, that is caused by the varicella-zoster virus and characterized by skin eruptions, slight fever, and malaise. Also called varicella.


You people better vaccinate your kids from chicken pox next time, if not you’ll have a great time putting calamine lotion on their asses. I think I’m really blessed. My parents actually bother to take care of me. Mother went to buy anti-itching soap and father applying the lotion on my body. And no, there aren’t any blisters on my ass. Not so suay. Heh. Thank God for parents.

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