I have been sleeping quite late these past few days. Yesterday I was quite restless. Ask my classmates then you’ll know. On Monday or Sunday I had a strange dream. I dreamt that there were people queuing up for confession, with the bus interchange rails. So I went to join the queue. This priest raised the Sacred Host in front of me. So, I went to another priest. Before he gave the absolution, I disappeared into thin air. I was in this desert. And I was trapped in this woman’s body. She was wearing a white dress I think. I asked her what she wanted. She said she was here to torment me. I asked her to stop, but she kept taunting me. Taunting me about what? I cannot remember. Oh, there was a song about kites in my dream. It is similar to some campfire song, but I can’t remember which one, nor the lyrics of the song in my dream.

Hmm yesterday was funny. Clement, Camilius, Elicia and I went to film our video for the presentation. It’s damn funny. Camilius is acting as a rapist and Elicia as the victim. Clement is the cameraman. I’m supposed to be some forensics guy. We’ll probably continue filming this afternoon.

Tuesday…I went to play pool with Arden, Clement and Josephine aka K-Box at AMK. Arden is damn good. I have to learn from him, or my skill will suck forever. Tuesday night had band, tried to learn some xylophone, played some triangle. Sigh..nothing much really.. Now I have to learn the scales.. Oh boy. Monday night had sectionals. This 58 year old Polish immigrant ex-SSO percussionist came to tutor us. He lives in AMK with his wife and he’s got a 6-month old child. His session was super draggy, and we almost got locked in the sports complex. Bah. I should go sleep now.

Ikutsumono tane wo ano oka e ukabete
Kireina hana wo shikitsumete ageru
Hayaku Mitsukete Mitsukete
Koko ni iru kara
Okosareru no wo matteru noni
Itsudemo kimi no egao ni yurete
Taiyou no you ni tsuyoku saiteitai
Mune ga Itakute Itakute Kowaresou dakara
Kanawanu omoi nara Semete karetai!

Scattering many seeds upon that hill
I will spread beautiful flowers all over for you
Quickly Find me Find me
Because I am here
Although I’m waiting to be woken up
I am always waving in your smile
I want to bloom vigorously like the sun
Because my heart hurts and hurts and is about to break
If it is a wish that will not come true Then wither!

L’arc~en~ciel – flower


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