Passion Play

On Good Friday, our passion play for the little punks went well. Some of them thought it was a tad too violent, as some of them were on the verge of tears. Guess our acting was good. On Holy Saturday I went to meet Eugene, Jasmine and Patrick to discuss about our presidium. After that I went to HMV. I bought the Guns and Talks OST as well as this album of guitar songs called The Alternative Album. At night I went for Easter vigil at St Vincent’s. Came back at midnight. Today I went to get back my CD burner from Eugene. Then I went to town to go out with Yishun, Xieqiang, Hansheng and Mr Goy. We went to Nooch. Then we went to Cafe Cartel at city hall to eat ice cream. The tab was on Mr Goy. Then we went to search for Xieqiang’s and Yishun’s schoolbag. We went to many shops, and only found the perfect bag after a loooong time.. Haiz, stupid nanyang poly still haven’t send me my enrolement package… Sianz. By the way, Happy Easter, God Bless. War in the pocket wishes all readers a joyous Easter season.

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